Meet your Massage Therapist

Carolyn Colombo, LMT

Carolyn has been licensed since 2013 after graduating from New York College of Health Professions where she studied Massage Therapy.

She finds it imperative to incorporate a "flow" to her treatments, just as one would with art. This often results in her clients falling asleep or entering a trance-like state. It is her goal to aid clients in coping with life's stressors through bodywork.

Since becoming a mother, Carolyn has also found a calling in helping people through pregnancy & postpartum. After extensive continuing education, she holds a certification in these areas.

Having worked in chiropractic offices and spa settings, Carolyn has also accrued significant experience in Medical/Therapeutic, Lymphatic and Myofascial Release Massages.

Carolyn's favorite pass-times include: Painting, True-Crime Podcasts and Ice Cream.