*Please note that times shown are HANDS-ON time. Gratuity is factored into pricing.*

Clinical Massages

Therapeutic Massage

This is your standard massage that is customizable to your specific needs whether you have a complaint or are just looking for relaxation. This treatment includes but is not limited to those looking for relief from stress, injuries, and/or chronic pain. Pressure can be adjusted to work within your tolerance. 

(If you're unsure what to book - this is it.)

 $125 - 60 Minutes | $175 - 90 Minutes | $225 - 120 Minutes

Prenatal Massage

Regardless of what stage of pregnancy you are in, massage can provide relief from the inevitable symptoms that arise. With the use of a unique pillow, those who are expecting have the option to lay face down safely. Please indicate your gestation when booking.

$125 - 60 Minutes | $175 - 90 Minutes

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and works in combination with the circulatory system. One of its purposes is to carry lymph (fluid containing white blood cells) through vessels and ducts to the lymph nodes. This light and gentle massage technique can assist in this process and in turn reduce swelling and inflammation.

$125 - 60 Minutes | $175 - 90 Minutes


Enhance your self-care experience with your choice of 

Aromatherapy, CBD Oil, Hot Stones, Foot Scrub or Gliding Cupping.

*All of the Aromatherapy blends are safe for pregnancy and sensitive skin. If you have any questions, concerns or specific allergies please feel free to contact me.*

$10 each

Specialty Massages

"Head & Neck Relief"

This treatment takes an integrated approach, combining multiple tools and modalities to offer some relief for those struggling with migraines, TMJ, sinus pressure and/or general neck/shoulder tension. This is a focused treatment to the head, face, neck and shoulders.

During your consult we will discuss more specifically what you are experiencing and what your goals are at which time you are also encouraged to let me know of any sensitivities to lights, sounds, smells etc.

$135 - 60 Minutes

"Deep Relaxation Treatment"

This treatment includes CBD oil, aromatherapy, cupping and myofascial release techniques all to get you into the deepest, most relaxing and trance-like state. Over the last 10+ years Carolyn has learned many modalities, but these in particular have become her favorites to incorporate into her treatments. She's found they work exceptionally well with helping people who experience migraines, are under a great deal of stress, or are overworked and exhausted. This treatment is slow and methodical with the intent to completely relax you into a sleepy trance.

$185 - 90 Minutes